Under the banner of United For The People, endorsing organizations of the amendment strategy are providing ”The People’s Testimony” as an outlet for Americans to voice how their lives are affected by money in politics and the claim that corporations have the same rights as people, and what should be done about both problems.

Click here to find out how to testify!

3 responses

  1. Citizens United pushes out the common (living) citizen in lieu of tremendous large sums of cash that buys political favors and special consideration for businesses, banks, and special interests that can afford it. This resultant misrepresentation slants our representation to the highest bidder and ruins our Democracy in favor of the wealthy. Campaign Finance Reform is the only way to end misrepresentation and restore our democracy for ALL the people and not only the wealthy few.

  2. I believe it would be most fair to demand that contributions for political causes and candidate be accepted only from registered voters. This would eliminate all large contributions from corporations, charities etc. We really don’t need all that heavy money spent on our elections and this would be most fair as the people (not corporations) would get their voices heard.!!!

  3. “I don’t mind that you are rich, I do mind that apparently this now gives you permission to buy my government. The way industries buy legislative favors and amass power, robbing the average citizen of a say in the choices he/she wishes to and is entitled to make is a faaaar cry from the democracy America proclaims itself to be.

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